Prestashop platform – the best solution for e-commerce website


Released for the first time in May 2007, Prestashop has developed to a greater extent, providing the best ecommerce web experience for people all around the world. But most people are not aware of the capabilities and potential of Prestashop which has given life to some of the most successful ecommerce stores available on the World Wide Web. So dive right in to find out why Prestashop platform is the best platform for ecommerce website.

Prestashop is open source

As Prestashop is a free, open source ecommerce platform, it can be modified, changed and used by any developer according to their client requirements. As it’s scalable, open and is being constantly improved by the Prestashop community, this gives the merchants the freedom to customize their online store to obtain the exact output they need.

Another reason that lifts Prestashop up to its standard is the vast number of amazing features it offers. With above 275 features out of the box, the numbers keep going up with each new version released. All these features aid in some way to building a great online store. Some of the categories of features are given below.

  • Product management
  • Store management
  • SEO, checkout
  • Shipping
  • Payments
  • Marketing
  • Customers
  • Localization
  • Security
  • Analytics

Prestashop Themes and modules

Prestashop ecommerce themes and modules is one of the main reasons that make Prestashop platform is  the best ecommerce platform. These Prestashop themes allow merchants to add a unique look and feel to their sales website while each Prestashop module can add a new functionality.

And as there are thousands of customizable themes and Prestashop modules available for free download or purchase, you can get your Prestashop website to look and function exactly the way you need. You can install some Prestashop modules as: Prestashop blog module, Prestashop megamenu module, Prestashop captcha module…. they’re very useful modules for your Prestashop website.

Prestashop is secure

In dealing with matters involving money, security is a big concern for every store owner and customer. But as Prestashop is completely secured by encryption for cookies and passwords, SSL web hosting and PCI compliance, there’s no need for you to worry about unauthorized access or theft in your online business.

It’s community driven

As Prestashop platform is an open source platform, there are many developers around the world who work on modifying or studying the platform. Therefore if you get stuck somewhere or fall into trouble, you don’t have to rely on customer care or wait in line to get help as there are many resources like Prestashop forums with answers for your issues. Bugs and issues can also be reported to ‘Prestashop Forge, the open bug tracker’ or can be discussed at Prestashop gatherings and events to get them solved as quickly as possible.

Prestashop is global

It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you or your customers live, Prestashop based online shops with Prestashop ecommerce themes and Prestashop modules can serve them all. With 41 languages, unlimited currencies etc., Prestashop supports global usage, making it easy to promote businesses internationally as well.

In addition to the characteristics discussed above, Prestashop has many other features that make it a great, in fact the best, ecommerce platform in the world.


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